Despite COVID-19 pandemic internships and traineeships programs are developing

  • April 2021
  • Rotterdam - the Netherlands

Lakeside Capital Partners takes importance in education and training of students and (future) staff members. Over the past few years, the group has developed programs that allow the growth of students through experience as well as providing career advancement. These programs meet the requirements put forth by the respective educational institutions of the students.

The internships at the headquarters of the group are of a business orientation, providing a broad range of fields of interest for interns. These fields include, asset management, finance, business development, and marketing. Mattia Basile is responsible for the Internship Program at the headquarters in recruiting and coordinating interns. He started as an intern in the group and moved on to become a trainee.

Bachelor students interning at the headquarters have moved on to reputable educational institutions for their masters such as Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Oxford University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Master students enter the team in various fields and can finalize their studies, writing a thesis based on a group case.

Charlotte Daemen (Private Equity Intern)
BSc International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management.

“During my five months interning, I was given a high stake of responsibility over different projects with a special focus on the healthcare industry. In addition, what I really valued was the collaborative environment of the headquarters which enabled me to develop soft as well as hard skills in the PE and VC.”

Alessandro Zappala (Private Equity Intern)
MSc International Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

“During my internship at the headquarters, I had an opportunity to work on deals in different industries, including healthcare and fin-tech. It was an invaluable experience that provided me with a steep learning curve and a high degree of exposure to senior professionals. It was a privilege to work with Mr. Keles and his team.”

Mattia Basile (Private Equity Trainee)
BSc International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management.

“After completing my internship at the headquarters, I was honored to be offered to continue my growth path in the company as a trainee. Closely working with the Managing Partner has enriched me with invaluable knowledge about deal sourcing and M&A across various industries.”